How Inbound Marketing Works and How It Can Help You Build A Sales Funnel That Works

The way we used to close sales was cold calling and hoping that the person on the other end was interested in our product and/ or services and wouldn’t just hang up. We have moved on to a system called inbound marketing that’s designed to create multiple touch points on social media, email, SMS, Google, and your website. That way they are coming to you.

The Buyers Journey

A buyer’s persona is a semi-fictional person that is your ideal customers. We will help you build that persona based on demographics, behaviors, goals, ambitions, etc. Armed with this information we know who we are targeting we generate you quality leads.

Buyers Awareness

The awareness stage is all about introducing your brand to the customers and how you’re the best company so solve their problem for example a home owner that is looking to replace a leaking roof. They will be looking for roofing businesses on google, yelp, Home Advisor and other local directories.

Buyer Consideration

The consideration stage is the customer has found your website and your content about your services or products solves their problem. Your potential customer is considering looking deeper into your solution. They click on your call to action and enter their email, phone number, etc to download your eBook about how they can finance their roof replacement.

Even if the customer isn’t ready to replace their roof today or even this month we have basic contact information to nurture the lead though our email and SMS system. Since they also visited our website we can retarget them on google and Facebook to keep our brand in their mind. So you can target them throughout the buyer’s journey.

Buyer Decision

Today is the day the customer decides to pick a company to repair their roof. They have built a list of companies that can do the job and have their financing all in order and you’re on it based on your handy eBook and your well search ending optimized website.

Now since we have done our job right and our lead generation system and been following up with the customer though automation; your sales guy was able to book an appointment and close the sales on a new roof.

Now That You Have a Basic Understand The Buyers Journey How do You Build An Inbound Marketing System To Get Them To Find Your Business.

We like to focus on 6 main components to a robust inbound marketing funnel that is designed to make it easy for potential customer to identify your website, capture their lead information, and nurture them until they are ready to make a decision to buy.  

Building A Lead Generating Website

The first step involves building a easy to navigate content rich lead generation website. Our websites are proven to more with most small businesses and provide several opportunities to capture a visitor’s contact information.

Local SEO Campaign

Second is build local SEO rich content for your website so google will rank your website on the first page in your market and have a higher change to rank in the top three off google my business three pack. We know and use the secrets to successfully ranking your website in search results.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Third is targeting your ideal customers with paid ads. With a low friction offer to make it simple for leads to fill out your lead form so you can contact them later. The results will be leads from Facebook and Instagram ads campaign and Google and Bing Ads.

Retargeting Campaign

Fourth we will retarget any prospect that visited your website but did not contact your business with the relevant retargeting ads. This way, you’ll always be at the top of your customers mind when the get ready to make a purchase.
Lead & Call Tracking

We ensure that every marketing dollar you commit is well accounted for by installing advanced call tracking and form. They call lead generation systems that ensure that every month, incoming leads are actively measured.

Reviews System

If your company is to experience massive success, it will need to have an excellent online reputation. To ensure this, we execute our review capture system for your business to make sure you have a high Trust Factor online.

Don’t Wait To Get Started With Inbound Marketing Today

Since our system is designed to work for one contractor per niche one area and we only on-board one new contractor per month on average. We on-board contracting companies on a first come first serve basis. We want quality over quantity and our system is designed to make it so you dominate your area.

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