Maine Expert WordPress Consultants

Managed WordPress Site Performance Optimization

Optimize your website, improve your SEO, and your customer’s browsers experience.

Pegas Offers Expert Managed WordPress Site Performance Optimization  Services; Ensuring Your Website is running at peak Performance 

Is your website loading incredibly slowly? When your site page load spend is slow it can directly affect your SEO and user’s experience leaving them to leave your website and going to a competitor. When you choose one of our support and maintenance plans we work with you to ensure that your website is fully optimized.

Our team will perform a site assessment and help you build a roadmap for the future. We will optimize your website and help you get the most out of your web hosting. If your current shared hosting is slowing your website down we can assist you in moving to faster web hosting. Get started with our support and maintenance plan to get started with optimizing your WordPress website.

WordPress Support & Maintenance Plans

Are you tired of login into your WordPress dashboard only to see that you have a dozen updates, plugins that you don’t even use, and slow load times? Pegas Technology Solutions gives you peace of mind so you don’t have to worry about your WordPress site anymore.

How We Keep Your WordPress Website Optimized!

  • Performance scans to identify problems
  • Initial WordPress optimization
  • Implementing a caching for the website if not already used
  • Magnification of scripts if not already done
  • Content delivery network (CDN) is an optional add-on
  • Optimization of server configuration

How Our Managed WordPress Support And Maintenance Services Can Help Your Business.

Offsite Backups

We create a secure backup to your own or our AWS S3 bucket for offsite storage. We back up your website daily to ensure your back up and running in no time.

Site Optimizations

We perform Initial performance optimization. setup website caching, javascript magnification and general optimizing. With monthly checkups.

Uptime Monitoring

Our software is continuously monitoring your website, so if anything does go wrong we can identify the problem and solve it before it becomes a problem.

Security Hardening

We perform initial website security hardening, malware check, and server examination. We are constantly monitoring your website with security scans.

SEO Audits & Reports

We send you monthly SEO audit and keyword reports so you know how your website is performing in your industry.

Woocommerce Support

We support WooCommerce websites! No matter if you’re a mom and pop operation or a large business we will ensure your store is running smoothly.

Image Compression

We help you in selecting the right tools for image optimization on your website. Your images are optimized when you upload them to your site.

Site Reports

We send your detailed reports about your website performance, uptime, your website analytics, and backup.

Premium Plugins & Themes

Pegas Technology Solutions has developer and agency licenses for several WordPress premium plugins and themes. We go you covered from gravity forms to ocean wp.

How We Cover Your WP Website. Our Team Has You Covered.

Are you Tired of having WordPress Troubles?

Pegas Technology Solutions’ support and maintenance plan allows you to relax knowing you have a team that has your back. Your website is fully optimized, backed up, and secure. Our plans can be fully customized to fit your business and your needs. Contact Us Today!