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Are You Ready TO Get Started Building Your Website With Pegas Digital? We can make your dream a reality and help you grow your business.

Are You Looking To Redesign Your Homepage?

We are offering 10 homepage redesigns for business per week. There is not monetary commitment but we do expect you to be committed to the process. Just fill out the form below and if we select your business we will start redesigning your website using elementor today!

How It Works

Fill Out Design Questionnaire

This will let us know about your business and what your goals are. We need to learn what is critical to your website and business; so we can build a homepage that has the right look and feel for your business.

Design and Buildout

After deciding what the purpose of the website is, we will start to design a mockup of the new homepage. We follow all of the best practices like Search Engine Optimization and Conversion Rate Optimization to ensure your homepage is built right the first time.

Research and Conceptualization

Our team will start by doing research based on your business goals and what purpose that website will serve for your company. Will it be a brochure website or is the main purpose to generate leads for your business.

Consultation and Deployment

After we finalize the design we will send you a link and we will start tweaking and changes you are looking to make. We work with you to make the process simple by using our website feedback system allowing for quick conversations.

The Goal Is To Build FREE Homepages For Small Business.

We are looking to give back to the community and if it leads to more business that is great but even if it doesn’t we have been able to help a small business.

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