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Building a Customer Profiling For Your Business

Are you aware that almost 40% of your CRM data decays annually? That’s close to half of your entire CRM data. That’s huge and in just two years that could bring your business to a standstill. With proven customer profiling, you can easily reach the right prospect and convert accurately.

Build, Verify, and Manage Your Customer Database

In a situation where you’ve been using a database for a prolonged period, says 2-3 years, there is every tendency for such a database to contain inaccurate records of your prospects. Thus, upto 60% of your marketing communication is likely going to be wasted. Engaging in frequent data cleanup promotes accuracies of data stored in your database. This thus ensures you have reliable information about your prospects.

Data Cleansing Solution

We initiate phone calls to every contact in your database to confirm the accuracy of your database information.

Data Verification

We validate information like contact names, contact numbers, email addresses to postal codes, and other appropriate contact details.

Duplicate Data Elimination

Based on certain criteria, we help you identify and eliminate any duplicate contact entries within your database.

At Pegas Technology Solutions, We Help Business Owners Reach The Targeted Client Accurately.

If you’re operating on tight schedules and have limited tools to perform customer profiling, relax, we’ve got you covered. Our team are much available to help you out. Just send your database to us and let’s help you handle the task.

Sales Campaign

Run targeted email to build up a targeted “warm calling campaigns” to close more deals

Customer Management

Access updates on recent calls, appointments, tasks and notifications across mobile browsers

Lead Scoring

Assess leads according to the focus of your business and prospect interest

Triggers and Actions

Raise your leads by defining the next move for any given status of your sales prospect


Monitor calls, sent emails, emails replies, web visits as they happen real time

Real-time Notifications

Send and receive timely alerts so you can respond promptly and take action with your prospects.

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