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Digital Signage Solution

Want to grab that precious attention of your prospective buyers? Xibo makes use of attractive themes that will impress your audience.

Pegas Technology Solutions Offers Effective Digital Signage Solutions; Ensuring a strong In person presence for your brand.

Digital signage is the use of high-definition screen to strategically broadcast advertising or multimedia content using an attention-getting method. This is an emerging technology, because no other media makes it possible to deliver dynamic content at the right location and time, for the maximum impact. 

Compared to traditional printed signage, digital signage enables you to reach audiences more effectively and in real time. In realtime we can make changes to the signage to offer news, deal, etc..

Our Digital Signage Services

  • Easily create and drag and drop your own content
  • Ready-made templates for different ads and signage
  • Easy schedule setting
  • Supports various types of media formats
  • Cloud hosting
  • Seamless design and platform
  • 3rd-party integration (weather, RSS feeds, traffic, video streaming, websites)
  • Can operate across various locations over a network
  • Can be controlled centrally
  • 24/7 support team
  • Regular tracking and monitoring

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Why Use Digital Signage

Choose from a wide range of media

Using text alone may be boring for your viewers. Use interactive content such as widgets, slideshows, banners, videos, and even websites.

Grab your audience’s attention

Want to grab that precious attention of your prospective buyers? Xibo makes use of attractive themes that will impress your audience.

Regularly update content

Unlike traditional signage, a digital signage can be regularly updated, in case you want to add texts, images, videos, slides, and widgets. The good news is, you can update them even when you are outside your office. It is simple and easy!

Cut down on expenses

Since you do not have to invest a huge amount of money on printing and content creation is easy, using digital signage is much cheaper and can save you money. This money can be used for your company’s other expenses.

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

You can avail our digital signage services by simply having an LCD or Plasma screen, a standalone media player loaded with content and power. In this application, the player typically attaches behind the screen, and you update content on a weekly or daily basis using removable media. It is the most economical way to get digital signage up and running. It does have its limits, though. With the standalone player, you can play per-recorded content only. If you use multiple displays, the message is the same on every screen.

If all you want is a PowerPoint Presentation with bullets, your logo, a photo or two, and a per-recorded video clip, and a standalone player may be all you need. If you want to play different messages at multiple locations, and you want more control over your content, then you would want a more sophisticated type of player – one that would allow you to show different messaging content on different screens. Play RSS feeds from the web, stream live video, and make updates in real time without going out to the screens.
These more advanced media players usually include templates for setting up zones for both recorded and live content.

You can drag and drop a JPEG image, your company logo, for instance, right next to a zone playing a live TV or video feed. Then at the bottom, you can add a new sticker crawl from an RSS feed, or even plug-in ad-hoc messaging that you can change anytime you want. It is very simple. The players can even be operated remotely, through a browser-based IP connection, or a wired network link.

Different solutions come with different complexities. This can even be more troublesome if your business operates several branches from various locations. It can also be a frustrating process who do not have much knowledge about audiovisual-related matters. When you implement multiple screens, putting digital signage on a network may be the best way to go, especially if you have screens in multiple locations. With our services, we can make your digital signage in different locations centrally-controlled. You no longer have to worry about training for their operations as well as the requirements of the IT and security personnel. It does not have to difficult. Let us work together.

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