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Website Care Plan

Can You Afford Not To Have Your Website Functioning Properly? In Today’s Fast-Paced World, You Have About Three Seconds To Make A Good First Impression, Or Your Potential Customers Are Gone.

We Develop Attractive Websites That Lead To More Sales

Customer Retention Is Mainly Dependent On Your Site’s Speed And Mobile-Responsiveness. We Help You Build a Secure Website, Robust, And Reliable For Your Business.

We Help You Develop A Premium Websites That Helps You Generate More Leads And Business

Most business owners don’t have the time to monitor and maintain their websites. Still, your website provides your business with a digital presence that leads to the trustworthiness of potential visitors to your site. Your business can’t afford broken links, outdated content, un-optimized images, etc. Pegas technology provides you with the right tools to ensure that your website is a digital lead generation machine that brings in new business.

Did You Know There Different Types Of Hosting?

There are many types of hosting that you can choose for your website. Every factor should be taken into conservation before you make your selection, like, for example, the number of concurrent visitors. We offer shared hosting, virtual private servers, containerized, dedicated web server, etc. Not all hosting is equal. Most providers will provide you with shared hosting that can have hundreds of websites on a single server. Pegas technology solutions work with you to get you the best possible deal and ensure that your hosting matches your needs.

Pegas Offers Your Piece Of Mind

Our maintenance services offer you the peace of mind that you know that your website is secure, keywords are being tracked for any changes that might occur with your Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rankings, broken links are being fixed, etc. Most of our clients are looking for their website to be maintained, but they want to continue to evolve their online presence. They can achieve all of this with or fix rate pricing, including new content, search engine optimization, marketing automation, and social media marketing.


Stop worrying about your website and hosting. We are a team of people based in the USA that provides Expert WordPress Hosting, Support, And Maintenance.

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We know how important it is to separate yourself away from the competition. Tell us about your goals, and from there, we create a marketing plan so you achieve your goals and grow your business.

WordPress Hosting Plans

WordPress Hosting on the Cloud.

One Time


Includes: WordPress Design and Development

Includes: WordPress On Site SEO

Also Includes

Small Business

Includes: WordPress Design and Development

Includes: WordPress On Site SEO

Also Includes


Includes: WordPress Design and Development

Includes: WordPress On Site SEO

Also Includes

Start Building A Professional Website With A Team That Knows How To Market Your Business.

We Know The Foundation Of Getting You More Business And Fueling Your Growth Is Leads. We Have A Lead Generation System That Will Activate Your Sales Team, And Allow You To Scale Your Business.