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Managed Services

Are you looking to revamp your sales process? What technology and software should you use to get your business on the right path?

How Our Managed Sercvies Work For Small Businesses

The consulting and technology services you need to run a successful sales and marketing process for your company are available to you monthly for a set charge. You’ll have access to a team of professionals when you begin working with my team and I. We assist you in implementing the appropriate software, marketing services, and technology and recruiting the personnel you require to achieve your objectives.

Why Work With Us?

Technology Stack

We help you deploy the right technology stack to support your business. This is the set of tools that you need to complete an entire cycle through your marketing and sales process. This is typically a CRM “customer relationship management” ERP, “enterprise resource planning,” Accounting, Mautic for your email automation and document management.

SEO and Marketing

My team and I will build a conversion driven website and digital marketing strategies that will help you engage with your audience on various social media channel, deliver brand awareness though video and engaging content.

IT Services

When it comes to managing you infuriation technology you do need to do it all yourself. My team and I have been helping clients streamline, and implement open source technology to provide a cost effective and seamless solution. Often matching or outright blowing the proprietary solutions away.


We take on the responsibility that your team has the necessary resources and skills to succeed. We walk your team through the entire software stack like the Mautic for marketing automation, the CRM, and the website. To help you even further, we will help your team develop a sales script and provide any additional training your team needs to overcome difficult rejections.

Website Design and Creative

Our team will help you produce the right content, from sales funnel copy and/ or a Search engine optimized website, constructing effective eBooks for lead magnets, creating high converting paid advertisements on Facebook Ads and Google Ads, and more.


Part of our responsibility as a client is to ensure you have the right team members in place to support your sales and marketing efforts. We will write the correct job description for the position and post it to the right job portals, ensuring that the right people apply. We even help you prescreen and sit in on the face-to-face interviews.

How Much is all of this going to cost me?

Because we value your business, we’ve designed our service agreement to include everything you need from our staff as part of a single, flat-rate monthly payment. Depending on the service, we charge hourly, project-based fees, or a combination of the three. We won’t compel you to fit your firm into a pre-determined mold.

Our managed services charge is fixed so you can control your spending, and you have the option to cancel at any time without incurring any fees. You have the right to terminate this agreement at any time and for any reason.