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Solutions Design Workshop

In just two day we can help your team design an optimal sales process and build out the right technology to get you there.

Solutions Design Workshop

We work with your team over a couple of days to learn everything about your sales process and design a compressive document that outlines the optimal sales process for your organization. The workshop is designed to answer three basic questions about your sales process,

What is your current sales process, and how can it be improved

How we get you there (with it be an internal team, external, a mix of both?)

What will your finical commitment be and ROI be?

The most significant part of the workshop is to ensure your entire team is involved in the process. After all, they are more likely to have complete buy-in if a plan they made themselves.

How Does The Workshop Work?

Day One

Day one is to build out a workflow process to outline your optimal sales process. We will talk with your team and builds out a SWOT analysis and fill out a business model canvas to get a complete understanding of your business. We will drill down to what you would change about your sales process if you had to design it from scratch.

This forces to really think about your company and sales process; often leads to some serious debate and at times hard conversations. The end result gives us a bare bone outline of your designed sales process and gives us an idea of how to get you there.

Day Two

Day two is making a transition plan that will get your there as soon as possible without harming your bottom line. We will talk about how your current team is setup and what everyone’s roles will be.

We will look at the current state of your technology stack and if need be designed a new technology stack for scratch “90% of the time it’s worth it”. At the same time we will help you identify what marketing channels you should be employing for your business. In the end we will have a plan of action, software you should be using and an outline of the marketing channels you should be using.

The Findings

After the workshop go back and diagram the process and build out the roles of the marketing process. In the document your will have a complete process map, job descriptions of roles, technologies that will be employed, and a sense if where you want your organization sales process to be.

Though out the entire process we urge or clients to make small meaningful iterations when moving away from their old sales process. Time is need to test and validate your new sales process. We need to unsure that your clients stay happy, you can keep up with production, and how it impacts your internal team.

How Much is all of this going to cost me?

Valid question. Your solution design workshop costs most originations 9500, but there are options to save considerably when you commit to our managed technology stack and marketing solution.

Once you are done with the workshop and employ services, we start to build your solution immediately. We don’t charge you extensive onboarding free, and we don’t force you into a contract long-term contact.