Technology Stack

We give you all of the technologies you need to power your businesses sales process, and customer services team.

Our Managed Sales Technology Stack is three open-source tightly integrated software applications.

Content Management system to build an inbound marketing website that will collect leads.

Marketing Automaton to promote your products and services to targeted customers

CRM to manage and connect with leads and current customs throughout the entire sales process.

Why open source and why these applications.


Most of the software applications that we deploy for business are open source and hosted in the cloud to help lower their total cost of ownership. For CRM / ERP, we typically deploy one of these leading application; ERPNext, Odoo, or Suite CRM.

Marketing Automation

We have not found many paid or open-source applications for marketing automation that can compete with Mautic. It allows you to track your customers through the sales process and identify the right time to contact them.

Content Management System

For content management, we have chosen WordPress, the number one deployed content managed system with the leading page builder and forms software to ensure you have an attractive and fully functional website.

Effective Applications At Half The Cost

If you are wondering how we price our post-deployment subscription, we have some good news for you.

Our post-deployment costs are typically half of the price if you have deployed equal SaaS applications. Since we don’t change by a per-user model, that means you will be able to scale your business without having to worry about adding your contacts or employees to the system.

Effective Integrations when You Need Them.

We are not big fans of custom-coded integrations when they can be avoided. In most cases, it will be costly and will have an ongoing cost when applications are upgraded.

With that said, we have key-coded integration for our technology stack when needed, and for everything else, we use services like zapier and ingromatic.

We give you all of the technologies you need to power your business sales process, and customer services team.

Content Management: WordPress

WordPress is open-source and free to install, allowing you to save a considerable amount of money on web development, especially if you are starting with your business. You can expect higher ROI if you develop your site on WordPress, and it has thousands of plugins to expand functionality.

Marketing Automation: Mautic

Mautic is an open-source marketing automation platform that offers similar features as Marketo, Pardot, active Campaign, Hubspot, etc. Mautic is simple for non-technical marketing team members with advanced campaign process management and designing and building emails.

CRM / ERP: Odoo

Odoo is the go-to application that we deploy business. It makes it simple to manage your sales pipeline and manage your customers throughout the entire sales process. It is integrated with zapier allowing it to be connected to hundreds of external apps, making it cost-effective for any business.

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